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DJ Equipment Reviews Vestax PDX-2300Mk2 Pro

Verdict : 
Excellent performance and solid build make this a beat-mix DJ’s dream turntable.

Vestax PDX-2300Mk2 ProThe PDX-2300Mk2 Pro is one of the latest additions to the celebrated Vestax turntable range, and of the various new models that have recently hit the streets this one sports the most new and improved features.

The most noticeable of these can be found around the tonearm section, where there’s the inclusion of a J-shaped tonearm – the first of its kind on a DJ turntable – as well as a newly designed tonearm base and a unique control for needle pressure adjustment.

With this being the only non-straight tonearm turntable in the Vestax range it’s most obviously targeted at beat-mix DJs, and if you do prefer the feel and tracking of a longer, more traditionally styled tonearm then you won’t be disappointed with the 2300Mk2 Pro for the performance in this department is exemplary.

As well as providing a smooth track for long mixes it has fantastic hold for scratch play too, making it a great all-round turntable, although it’s unlikely that hardened fans of the straight tonearm Vestax decks will be tempted to swap.

The dynamic balance needle pressure adjustment system is certainly an eye-catching addition to this turntable and in practice it replaces the need to add additional counterweight pressure. So, you’ll find that setting up the tonearm is different with the PDX2300Mk2 Pro than on any other deck.

Firstly, you balance the tonearm via the counterweight as normal but, when this is done, rather than adding the required additional needle pressure with a few more turns of the counterweight (hence there being no scale) this is achieved via a spring positioned directly above the tonearm base.

Operation is easy, with the advantage of this system being that it provides a constant amount of pressure regardless of tonearm height (on a normal counterweight system, height increase also raises the pressure) and by minimising needlepoint pressure, sound quality is optimised.

The height adjustment system is also new and, in this instance, rather than being operated by turning a large dial at the base it incorporates a floating suspension system. This is unlocked with a large screw on the inner side of the base, raised or lowered accordingly, then locked again and though it’s certainly quicker and easier than the aforementioned standard method, I did expect a slightly smoother action.

Nevertheless, the overall performance of the tonearm on the PDX2300Mk2 Pro was excellent, through long mixes as well as scratch play. The only other slight cause for concern is the slightly flimsy build of the control for the needle pressure adjustment system.

This won’t be a problem provided the type of cartridge isn’t constantly being changed, which would require the needle pressure to be readjusted, so for home use it shouldn’t be an issue. However for club use, if the venue doesn’t provide cartridges (as some don’t), or if DJs choose to use their own carts, this component may struggle to cope with repeated manhandling, day in day out.

Other improvements over the original PDX2300 include a lower platter for a smoother, more comfortable performance, as well as easier deck to mixer movement. The latter issue has been further addressed by the removal of the cover hinges and the introduction of a recessed connection board, all making for a completely flat rear panel.

All these various improvements, coupled with the futuristic tonearm and sleek, solid body give the PDX2300Mk2 Pro a most refined air, and complete with the unrivalled creative features first seen on the original PDX2300, such as the pitch-bend joystick and +/-50% ultra pitch, make this a highly attractive pro turntable that DJs will adore.

Direct drive turntable
4.7 kg/cm motor torque
J-shaped tonearm
Dynamic balance needle pressure adjustment system
Floating suspension tonearm
+/-50% ultra pitch, +/-10% fine pitch
Pitch-bend joystick
Reverse play

Manufacturer: Vestax
Model: PDX-2300Mk2 Pro
Price: £509.00 RRP inc VAT
Contact: Vestax
Tel: 08707 555 899


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