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DJ Equipment Reviews Vestax VMC-180

Vestax VMC-180

Verdict : 
A versatile three-channel mixer with solid build quality.

Though styled in the new VMC livery, this mixer has a certain familiarity to it, for the three-channel club mixer has been a stalwart of the Vestax mixer range for some time now.

This particular model is an amalgam of the popular PCV-175 and more recent PCV-180 mixer, and indeed replaces the former. So it sports three music channels, an independent mic channel, send & return facilities and three-band isolators. The build though, comes across as a lot sturdier than the other two.

Applications for the VMC-180 range from the bedroom to installation, with the unit’s clear layout allowing entry-level use, if it can be afforded, while the multiple inputs and professional features provide room for the DJ to develop and grow. The mixer also comes with three master output connections, including XLR, plus a second top panel master level control which can be used as a booth feed, amply equipping the mixer for club and road use.

The only type of DJ this mixer won’t suit is the scratch DJ, the reason being that there is no fader curve control and with the presets gently sloping the VMC-180 is best suited to beat mixing. Very well-suited actually, for the curves on the up faders are especially sweet, and combined with the isolator and its handy on/off switch offer a precise and creative handle over your mix.

One improvement would be channel level meters, though their signal/peak LEDs give a reasonable indicator, and considering the overall value this unit offers, I can’t see that putting many people off.

Three-channel mixer with mic channel
Five line, three phono and two mic inputs
Three outputs on XLR, 1/4-inch and RCA connections
Three-band isolator with on/off switch
Assignable send & return
PFL monitoring
Master stereo level meter
PCV crossfader

Manufacturer: Vestax
Model: VMC-180
Price: £419.00 RRP inc VAT
Contact: Vestax
Tel: 01420 83 000


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