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Drug Information - Smoking : The Facts

stop smokingWant to quit? Here are a few numbers that should make it easier...

  • More than 80% of all adult smokers started in their teens.

  • 450 children start smoking every day in the UK.

  • Smoking two high tar cigarettes in a short period of time reduces blood flow through the penis by a third. Studies suggest that up to 120,000 men have already made themselves impotent through smoking.

  • Recent research suggests that people who smoke are over 50% more likely than non-smokers to have serious relationship problems, including a greater likelihood of suffering from anxiety and depression.

  • Breast-fed babies whose mothers smoke are exposed to nicotine through their milk, often up to half a cigarette's worth a day.

  • 50% of all regular long-term smokers will be killed by their habit.

  • In one decade, a 20-a-day smoker will blow around twenty thousand pounds on cigarettes.

  • Psoriasis is a medical condition that leaves the skin looking red, raw and scaley. one in four cases are thought to have been triggered by smoking.

  • Smokers are more likely to suffer from lower self-esteem than non-smokers. In a recent survey by the HEA, 17% of smokers planned to drop out before taking their GCSE's, compared to just 10% of non-smokers.

  • Approximately one tree in 25 cut down in the world are burnt to cure tobacco and make it ready for smoking.

  • Nearly 500 million people alive today will eventually die from smoking-related diseases.

  • One puff on a ciggie delivers over 4,000 different chemicals into your body. Many are known to cause cancer.

  • Christopher Columbus first introduced the world to tobacco in 1492, having come across Native Americans rolling their own for ceremonies. When the habit took off, millions of Africans were shipped across as slaves to help grow the crop for profit.

  • All around the world, 6,000,000,000,000 cigarettes are smoked each year.

  • Smoking is the number one cause of preventable deaths in the UK. More than 120,000 people die each year from smoke-related diseases.

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Helpline for smokers who want to stop & people trying to remain as ex-smokers.
Quitline: 0800 002200 

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